Raise Money For Th Deficiency Syndrome Teen

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His name is Luthando Jafta, he is 23 years old. Luthando was diagnosed with deficiency syndrome He has no parents; he stays with his sister who has a little daughter. The sister is the only source of support that he has .His sister always  tries her best to make sure that Luthando and her 2 year old baby Cynthia are clothed and have shelter as well as food on the table.

This however is proving to be a challenge since the sister does not work full time job and sometimes does piece jobs which only provide for food. Luthando has been facing stigma in the community due to his condition. Luthando sometimes puts on torn or old and dirty clothes, this has caused other people of his age to laugh or mock him. This family desperately needs help with clothes and food for Luthando and Cynthia who is just a baby. They also are in need of rentals or they will end up in the streets.

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