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Our Stuff At Lumu Community Based Organisation

We have a LCBON running committee of 8 people at the moment. They swore an oath of allegiance, commitment, obligation, trustworthiness for the good cause of our disadvantaged children.

Our stuff consists of Board Of Directors, technical team plus volunteers.

Below is our committee and the responsibilities:

  • Founder and Director                                                                                                           Meet our Founder Samuel Lumu lumu
Samuel Lumu was born in Uganda in 1978. His parents were married and blessed with seven children. Unfortunately his father passed on when Samuel was at the tender age of 7. After the death of his father things were not looking good at home. His mother could not manage financially to cater for all basic needs. Sometimes they would go to bed without food. Some of his brothers were forced by the situation to drop out of school and look for work to put bread on the table. Samuel had to drop out school as well because things were tough on him too. His mother could not afford school uniform, stationery even lunch. Samuel was forced into child labour by his home circumstance. He is now working with children in Nansana to curb the poverty trap. He wishes for every child in the world to have a better life than he had. He knows the pains and the struggles of poverty and lack of support. He pledged to give what he can to the children so that they can survive and get better education than he ever had. There are many children who are still growing up like Samuel did hence he founded this organisation. Samuel loves and appreciate well-being as well as unity. Remember children are our future let us take care of them and give them a better world.
  • Associate director      Name : RELIVANCE MUZIVI

            Age : 26 years                                             

           Career : Social Worker                                                                                                                    Experience : 2 years

   I am one of the volunteers in Lumu community based organization, I chose to join this   group to offer my help by contributing my accessibility and potential to the children of  this organizations

  • Treasurer
  • Name : Winterrose  Khumalo  
  • Age : 22 years 
  • Career : Student 
  •  I took the opportunity of joining Lumu community based organization to express my love and care to the young children and am willing to cooperate with the management.
  • Secretary
  • Name : Melissa Chapungu
  • Age : 25 years
  • Career : sociologist
  •  Experience : 2
  •  Due to the love I have towards young children, I voluntarily joined Lumu Community based organization to give a hand in fulfilling its vision. I dedicate my self to cooperate with the officials for further developments to the young generation.
  • Social services Program Coordinator
  • Name :Katusiime Doreen
  • Age : 23 years 
  •  Board member
  • I was inspired to work hand in hand with Lumu Community based organization because its mission is where am good at

Marketing Director

Names: Darlington Kamanga

Age:                                              28 Years

Position:                                       Marketing Director

Profession:                                   Digital Marketing

Academic Qualifications:          Information Systems Management, Multimedia, Digital Marketing, International Marketing

Responsibilities:                          Planning and executing marketing strategies for LCBON by laying out strategies, tactics and channels to accomplish a successful marketing campaign.

  • Lawyer
  • 2 Volunteers
  • Treasurer / Book Keeper