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volunteer work near me

Thank you for choosing to VOLUNTEER at Lumu Community Based Organisation.  
We appreciate your time and energy in helping us to achieve all our goals.​

We have to say NO to visitors on Sundays…..unfortunately we can’t manage volunteers or visitors on a Sunday.  It is a lazy day at home for our kids and some of them go to church.  Please speak to us about other days.  We also cannot host visitors and volunteers on Public Holidays and on Christmas Day – these are special ‘family’ days for us.

Our Volunteer Policy:
Kids Haven could NOT achieve everything we do without help BUT we do ask that visitors and volunteers respect that this is our home, we have programs and we are working with high-need children.  We gladly accept donations during the week and on Saturdays but it is not always possible to spend time with the children if we are busy with activities that we have already planned.  Our staff are stretched on weekends and we cannot leave children without supervision to spend a long time with visitors.  If we know you are coming, we make extra plans so that we manage our time well.  We also ask that you trust US to hand out any donations, including food.  We are happy to provide you with a photograph but it is not always appropriate for visitors to give things to our children.  

Community Hours for school going children and students – please arrange these activities in good time with us.  We encourage school going children to bake birthday cakes, make a meal or collect second hand clothing. 
Johannesburg:  Please call Samuel on 0734441337 or email – Kids Haven Donation Centre, 46 High Street Rosettenville, Johannesburg South to make arrangements.



Bake a cake for birthdays.  Drop off your cake or cupcakes and we will use it for the birthday child’s celebration.  If it is a few days away, we will freeze the cake until then.  Each cake needs to serve 20 children – so that all the children in a house can celebrate with the birthday boy or girl.   Email or call Connie on 011 706 7959. 

We are also grateful to receive MEALS such as macaroni and cheese or any meal with MEAT or CHICKEN that we can enjoy on a Friday evening as our version of ‘take aways’.  The meal needs to serve 10 children and we find that the foil roasting dishes work best.

Both of these activities suit children needing to earn COMMUNITY HOURS – you can earn 2 hours for baking and decorating a cake or making a meal and then delivering these to Kids Haven in Benoni or to the Donation Centre in Bryanston.  Contact