LCBONVW/volunteering work

Volunteering is a great way of assisting non-profit organisations. It is important to remember that some non-profit organisations do not use volunteers or they ..

Lumu Community Based Organisation is a registered and 18A tax-exempt, non-­profit organisation that assists communities in Africa. Our work involves setting up, assisting and facilitating sustainable community and conservation development projects and organisations in South Africa,  Uganda.

Volunteers come through SAVE to experience African cultures, see the beauty of our countries, learn new skills and make a difference to those in need. In order to do this, they pay a fee that covers the costs of their stay such as accommodation, transport, and meals as well as a donation that assists to fund the projects.

We have a wide variety of programs; from teaching children how to surf, to assisting with the rehabilitation of wild animals. We offer volunteers the chance to build schools and homes, assist in local schools, teach business skills to adults and work with sharks along the Garden Route.

Our volunteer programs are open to everyone. Stay for two weeks, two months or two years. Every little bit helps!

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