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We’re following Jesus where the need is greatest, working through local churches to unlock people’s potential and helping them to discover that the answer to poverty is within themselves. When disasters strike, we respond quickly. We won’t stop until poverty stops.

A Christian charity organization is a non-profit organization with the main goal of reaching those in need. Most non-profit charities focus on serving a specific group of people. Some focus on the hungry, others on children, and others work with the homeless. Regardless of the people they help, these Christian charity organizations are showing the love of Jesus. 

The majority of these organizations are funded through supporters who feel passionate about the main focus of the charity. People are willing to donate a small portion of their income to help those in need. Supporting a Christian charity organization is a way for people to honor God. 

There are numerous charity organizations, so it can be difficult for people to determine which charity is right for them. One key point to keep in mind is the importance of not only helping people in need, but sharing the Good News with them as well. 

An excellent example of a Lumu Community Based Organisation organization is Compassion International. They connect children in need (in over 20 developing countries) with sponsors who can help them receive proper nutrition, good education, fun recreation, and most importantly an opportunity to hear the gospel message. Child sponsorship through Compassion International is also very rewarding for the sponsors because they can interact with their sponsored children through letters and pictures. 

Consider changing the life of a child today by sponsoring a child online. 

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