Lumu community based organization is dedicated to supporting children in South Africa. Founded and operated by Samuel Lumu, who saw the plight of  underprivileged in his area and decided to do something about it, Lumu Community Based Organization promises a long-term investment in the futures of the children for which it cares. More than a home, Lumu community based organization will strive to prepare children to be self-sufficient through academic and vocational training, and will give them a strong foundation in the Christian faith. It will also act as a community development center, training and employing community members while providing a focal point for community interaction and development.



Imagine a school with no books, no toilets and no qualified teachers where children run through open sewers to get to class. A place where houses are made from mud and corrugated iron sheeting and where kids get by on one meal a day.

This was the reality that Lumu Samuel  faced when he  visited his childhood suburb of Nansana. Having worked for different volunteer and charity organizations years back before leaving Uganda, he wanted to give something back, and he set up a charity in 2018 to help educate children in these poorest parts of Johannesburg .

Having sat down and discussed about the disadvantaged life of children , within one month the Lumu Community Based Organization was born.

The organisation is in its take off stage but we are facing challenges beyond to what we had anticipated. With no syllabus, hungry children and no facilities, there is a lot to do before the mission of setting up a child care and education center can begin in 2021.

More number of people are reaching out to Lumu Community Based Organisation seeking food even adults. Unfortunately we cannot help them as our main focus is children.

So far Lumu Community  based organization is faced with a challenge of feeding 100 children a day. It is a very difficult issue since we are starting this organisation we do not have enough funds.  So providing the feeding program is our number-one priority. We initially begun with food provision and home basics for 100 children in Johannesburg and we are looking forward to lobby for sponsorship, scholarships and donations from friends, colleagues, funders, donors and well-wishers and with the golden heart we shall be able to raise the standards of living for the children, educate them, buy new clean uniforms and the much-needed textbooks. More number of people are reaching out to Lumu Community Based Organisation seeking food even adults. Unfortunately we cannot help them as our main focus is children. We hope one day to give them at least food parcels to combat hunger.



Food, water and clothing are not the only problems  Johannesburg have. Most children come from poverty stricken homes where both parents are illiterate, with many having been abused or neglected.

These children come in knowing they are at the bottom of society, they have access to cheap drugs, and a lot of the challenges they are facing are behavioral problems.

Our answer was to involve and engage with volunteers who have an understanding of the children from a holistic point of view.

The children might not have support from their parents but as a caring and a supportive organization we are there for them.


The Lumu Community Based Organisation’s ultimate goal is to get the children independent of the slum and to escape the poverty trap so they can become independent, self-sufficient adults. We sponsor an orphan who is in dire need of help as these children end up on streets.

We are planning to create a productive, transparent and accountable volunteer/charity organization where sponsors see the progress of the children through email and letters, which makes it a very personal program. The one-on-one contact is very important so that we can enrich more lives.

Our vision is ‘Sponsor a child in  Africa’ to make sure that we change the lives of these vulnerable and suffering kids.

how we help childrens ?