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LCBON is a non profit making organization that deals with support to orphans and vulnerable children in Johannesburg – South Africa. We request for volunteers,  well-wishers, and donors to join us for the work.

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Please give a hand to our Community Based organisation, it will be a blessing to our child care volunteer programme.





Lumu Community Based Organisation is a non-profit making organization that deals with support to orphans and vulnerable children in Johannesburg – South Africa. We request for volunteers, well-wishers and donors to join us in our work.


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We wish to humbly introduce to you our organisation called Lumu Community Based organisation- Johannesburg in South Africa. Our mission and vision is to help the suffering, needy and vulnerable children. We are a registered Community Based Organisation operating from Johannesburg that work with orphans through education, home basics, food, health and others. Furthermore, we also have some HIV/AIDS orphans, so we kindly write to request your support in partnership in building orphanage, education and healthcare for these orphans.


I am the Project Director and I have a total of 140 vulnerable children and orphans who needs shelter, who really suffer from colds therefore becomes vulnerable to Tuberculosis from spending nights in cold places. Most children spend time loitering on the streets neglecting education trying to make ends meet. When they get sick they do not have access to medication. I need a helping hand in donations, funding, scholarships and partnership to address these social issues. I would appreciate any help in building these children an orphanage in Johannesburg, South Africa.


Kindly help support these needy children get help and feel like other children. I hope to hear from you soon.


Best regards

Samuel Lumu

Project Director


Lumu Community Based Organization

Email: contact us email address

Tel+27 73 444 1337

Best regards

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Lumu Community Based Organization-Nansana
Tel+256 70 967 2179 
Office No.: +256 414 672 179

Help our orphans and needy children to get education,health,shelter.

we need your help

There are different ways of making donations:

  • Through Donations
  • Through Scholarships
  • Through Grants
  • Through provision of scholastic materials and basic education
  • Provision of sanitary pads to teen girls
  • Provision of healthy clean water to primary schools
  • Provision of talent enhancement equipment
  • Provision of Healthy services to disable / vulnerable and sick children
  • Provision of Modern Agriculture knowledge and equipment for sustainability

Payment / Donation Methods

We take all forms of donations whether it’s materials or cash donations

Cash Donations are normally received through online payments and forms including cheque payments, bank transfer and cash handouts and referrals.

  • PayPal
  • Western Union
  • Money Gram
  • Bank Transfer
  • Card Payments Online
  • WorldRemit