Child Care Center

We are looking for funds to put up a child care center for Lumu Community Based Organisation in Nansana – Wakiso district, Uganda.

Lumu Community Based Africa Child Care Center in Nansana, Wakiso district – Uganda. We are a non-profit organisation dedicated to the protection, support and development of children who have been orphaned, neglected, abused or abandoned. We are more than just a registered Temporary Safe Care Facility – we are a home to approximately 140 amazing children.

Our programs include activities meant at taking care of disadvantage and needy who include orphans and the disable plus the homeless including vulnerable and girls at risk in gender and violent environment.

Through Lumu Community Based Africa Child Care Center provides education by sponsoring children in schools whereas providing scholastic materials to these kids. On top of that we provide meals plus maize flour, beans and sugar plus salt to the families of these kids so that these children don’t sleep on empty stomachs. By distributing sanitation materials like jerrycans, basins and plus soap and portal tanks to make sure that these kids live in a disease free environment.

On the side of innocent girls we provide sanitation pads to adolescent girls as wells taking them to school as most girls in Africa are not given sufficient priority when it comes to education.

By grooming young talents we aim to eradicate teenage peer influence in order to put kids off streets so that they avoid drug influences and other bad social behaviors as an outcome of being dormant in childhood stage.