Taking Care Of Disabled Children

Poverty-stricken communities often abandon or neglect children with special needs and the frail elderly who are dependent on the goodwill of others. Being ostracized by the community because of poverty, age and disability is not a rare occurrence. Many families disown or abuse their children because their disability is a burden on them or their medical status may be exposed and the family ridiculed because of it. Their conditions demand expert care, which low-income families cannot afford emotionally or financially.lumu Community Based organisation  provides medical and relational care regardless of religious affiliation to the most vulnerable elderly and children. Our comprehensive approach ensures that we address all levels of Children’s and Elderly development and health, albeit on an intellectual, emotional and/or physical level. Our interventions are both programmatic and systematic in nature as it allows children to live healthy and contributing lives, regardless of their circumstances. Through our interventions, we have prevented these forgotten groups of children and elderly from experiencing further abandonment, abuse and ridicule and has created a homely environment. A place they can call “home".

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