Charity Organisation In Uganda

Lumu Community Based Charity Organisation in Uganda.

Lumu Community Based Organisation – Nansana is charity organisation with a mission and vision of helping the needy and disadvantaged children in Wakiso district – Uganda. Our volunteer charity activities offices are based in Nansana Wakiso district.

Some of our several volunteer and charity activities include the following:

  • Teach A Child
  • Girl Sanitary Pads
  • Give A Child Clean Water
  • Gloom A Talent
  • Child Care Centre
  • Feed A Child

As an orphan at a tender age our project director and founder Samuel Lumu faced a lot of difficult as an orphaned child, where he missed a lot childhood basic including early childhood education and home care. As a grown up man the childhood memories of difficulties forced him to start LCBON with an aim of helping suffering and needy children in Wakiso district where he grew up.

As a charity organisation in Uganda  Africa we looking for good heart volunteers, donors and funders in order for us to accomplish our mission. So far we have provided scholastic materials to 140 children, provided maize flour, sugar and beans for meals to the families of these children, provided soap, basin and jerricans for a clean and healthy life of these kids, we provided scholastic materials plus sanitary pads as part of girl child sanitary pads project activity.

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