About Us

Know Who We Are


t is a non-profitable based organization operating currently in South Africa helping children in need of life basics such as food, clothing, education that cannot be affordable in the umbrella of being orphans or poverty eradication among families and getting back to life after peer groups. Offices located at 46 High street, Rosettenville. The major objective of the organization is to empower the orphaned children through provision of quality education and mentor-ship to save the next generation. IMG-20180917-WA0014 OUR VISION 

Promoting and advancing the life of disadvantaged and vulnerable Children through empowering lives and transforming communities with holistic approach in Education, Spiritual growth and Social development and life necessities for the well-being of their lives and giving them a piece of mind from the hard times they are facing       

Our Mission

Our mission is to take maximum care of disadvantaged children in Johannesburg By providing help through donors and volunteers we shall be able to create a 4th generation of educated children that will spring up the future and responsible leaders of our society. GOALS

  • Protecting the rights and well-being of every child
  • Promoting the right and well being of every child, in everything we do.
  • Supporting Hope programs for children in the entire country.
  • Focus on reaching the most vulnerable children, to benefit all children in the entire country.
  • Protecting our lovely children from crimes and drugs for the better future

OBJECTIVES A major objective of the Lumu community based organization is to save the next generation through provision of quality education and mentorship. We aim to provide these services for the children in the children’s home and around the community. In the early period, the organization carried out the following activities to support and achieve this objective:

  • raising awareness in the community,
  • home visiting,
  • monitoring families with children at risk,
  • resource mobiliza