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To the kind public

I’m writing you on behalf of our mutual friend, Margaret McGillicutty. As you are aware, Margaret has been facing the challenges of her chemotherapy and associated therapies. Lumu Community Based Organisation is writing you on behalf of Jonathan Joseph Gombya. Jonathan was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy when he was a baby. His mother noticed that he was not reaching developmental milestones like children his age. Jonathan is facing the challenge of walking on his own. His mother has to put him on the back for his hospital appointments. He is in desperate need of a wheelchair. He is growing fast and it becoming hard to carry him on the back. Many of us are concerned about Jonathan’s welfare, especially since his mother is the only caregiver. The rising costs of medical treatment, combined with peripheral costs, such as transportation, essential home-care materials, and dietary requirements have added a further weight to her challenges. We are hoping to raise enough funds to assist Jonathan during this extreme time of need, to assist with home-care nursing, as well as transport to and from hospital.

If you have any queries please contact us at: Call or WhatsApp (+27) 7344 41337 Email:

Respectfully yours,

Samuel Lumu

Founder and CEO



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