6 Children Navigate the Airport by Themselves


This is a living video whos the children’s reaction at the airport after they separated from their parents. This family has 6 children, and they got separate from their parents, but after a mass situation, they all make it to their destination alone.

Taking children on a holiday is a difficult thing, especially when you have six children of different ages and different personalities. At the beginning of the video, the mom is almost going crazy after packaging the language and taking the children to the airport, especially when she noticed she forgets something important on the halfway. She is always really worried about her children has to go through the airport alone.

However, the result indicates that children are actually confident and look forward to exploring the new thing. one of the girls even pass the security earlier and even have time to go shopping. It actually makes us think about the airport service for children. Children have their own way to understand the world. Once they get the know well about the services, they can get quite a good result by passing through the airport successfully.


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