Day: May 24, 2019

A World of Travelling for Kids

Travelling with children can be stressful. Apart from having to keep them entertained for hours, you often need eyes in the back of your head. For parents, it can be a nightmare. Together with Oslo Airport (OSL), EGGS has helped… Read More ›


The business of voluntourism: do western do-gooders actually do harm? – Tina Rosenberg Last modified

Baby rescue is the ultimate volunteer experience. At Hope of Life International, a Christian mission in rural Guatemala, a rescue team springs into action when news arrives that a baby is dangerously ill in a nearby mountain village. The mission, which… Read More ›

Lumu Community Based Organization committed to saving vulnerable children from disease, malnutrition, exploitation, illiteracy, and despair. #childcare #donation #vulnerablechildren #sufferingchildreninafrica #lumucommunitybasedorganisation

To the kind public I’m writing you on behalf of our mutual friend, Margaret McGillicutty. As you are aware, Margaret has been facing the challenges of her chemotherapy and associated therapies. Lumu Community Based Organisation is writing you on behalf… Read More ›

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