Fundraising and Donations for Needy and Disadvantaged Children in Africa. #childcare #volunteering #Needychildafrica #Sufferingchildren

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Protocol observed;

A warm greeting to you all

It is with a great pleasure that I present to you our Non-Profit Organization for this great opportunity to become one of our valuable sponsors and charity care givers for the underprivileged, disabled, trafficked children and orphaned children in our community.

Please we’re kindly requesting for your assistance upon fulfilling the dreams of these beautiful souls as well as brightening their future through education. Let us rekindle the spirit of giving, caring and charity through taking care of those who are in need of assistance.

We’re currently on a program to raise enough funds to feed the underprivileged children, disabled, and orphans who are currently registered under our non-profit organization, as well as to give them a bright future through education. Most of these vulnerable children have less or no support due to family backgrounds, low income, being trafficked or loss of parents.

Therefore, we humbly request your sponsorship upon this program.

We would request for your sponsorship in any of the following items, or any kind of assistance that can be rendered towards this cause;

  1. Home basics e.g. clothes, shoes, utensils (old & new)
  2. Toys
  3. Food & Nutrition essentials
  4. Toiletries (including sanitary pads)
  5. Scholastic & Educational materials
  6. Scholarships & Bursaries

We truly believe and hope that you will provide your valuable support of any kind towards this

program. We are doing this for a good purpose and due to this we need your active participation.

We look forward to an affirmative response of sponsorship from you to make this program a success.

For more information about the program, please contact us;

Office Number: +27 73 444 1337


Yours Faithfully

Samuel Lumu (Project Founder & CEO)


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