The most important part of caring for children that are ill is to show that you care for them and respond to their needs physically and emotionally.


To the kind public,

Her name is Akisa Macrina, one and a half year old girl. She was born with two holes in her heart. Akisa will never know the joy of walking and playing with other children because she is forever on the oxygen pump. This has brought a huge devastation and shock on her family. Her mother is constantly in hospital making sure that her daughter does not suffer alone.

Please let us restore Akisa’s precious health and harmony in the family. All we ask is the little that you have so that Akisa can get better health care. We are in dire need of your support in this time of sorrow.

We as Lumu Community Based Organisation are also very distressed by these sad news because we can only support the family emotionally but we are financially constrained. Doctors are not sure if Akisa will live long enough to reach teenage hood.

Now we are raising funds from known and unknown people so that we can help Akisa. We hope and look forward for your kind help.

If you have any queries Please contact us at: Call or Whatsapp (+27) 7344 41337/+256 (0) 709 672 179 / +256 (0) 414 672 179 Email: /


Samuel Lumu

Founder and CEO

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